LIVE From Google I/O, Day 2: Google Compute Engine Takes On Amazon Web Services

Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior VP of Chrome and Apps, at Google I/O June 28

From my blog The New Persuaders:

It’s all about the Web here on Day 2 of Google’s annual I/O developer conference–Google’s Web. In contrast to yesterday’s focus on the search giant’s Android mobile operating software, today will focus on the power of the Web, in particular Google’s Chrome operating software for cloud computing.

There’s another keynote whose highlights I will liveblog below, though it’s hard to see how Google will outdo yesterday’s skydiving demo of Google Glass wearable computers. No doubt Google has reserved a surprise or two, though.

Update: The big announcement is Google Compute Engine, a rival to Amazon Web Services, which powers many websites. It’s promising it will offer 50% more compute power for the price. Also, Google Docs now will work offline when you don’t have an Internet connection, solving a big obstacle. Offline presentations and spreadsheets to follow later. …

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Polishing Chrome at Google I/O: Angry Birds, Cheap Payments & $20 Chromebooks

After hearing yesterday how Android is becoming a leading force in mobile devices, today at Google’s annual I/O developer conference, we’re expecting to hear how Google hopes to repeat its success in a more established realm: the Web. Google hopes to turn the Web into a mainstream platform for applications, and it’s betting heavily on several technologies to lead that transformation.

Chief among them is Chrome OS, Google’s bid to one-up Microsoft’s Windows as the prime platform for writing applications. But Google has been slow to roll out everything developers need to do this, so today’s the day most people expect to hear whether Google can put some flesh on Chrome OS bones. I’ll be liveblogging the keynote, which you can also watch here. And here’s the info page on all things Chrome announced today. Again, geek alert: A bit of this is pretty arcane for us average users, but most is pretty straightforward.

Vic Gundotra, VP of engineering, comes onstage to announce more I/O schwag: a Verizon SIM card for several months of free online access on the Samsung tablet Google also gave out to the conference’s 5,000 attendees yesterday. Continue reading

LIVE at Google’s Chrome OS Launch: “Nothing But the Web”

When Google announced plans for its own operating system, Chrome OS, in July 2009, many observers thought the company had gone a little Microsoft-crazy. Not so, in my opinion. But for whatever reason, the Web-based operating system–described by Google as essentially the Chrome Web browser with a bunch of software drivers needed to run many kinds of hardware–has been late in arriving. This morning in San Francisco, the search giant is expected to announce more details of the highly anticipated software–in particular, the launch of Chrome OS and the opening of a Web app store, plus perhaps the introduction of a Netbook with the OS on it. I’ll be liveblogging the highlights. There’s a bunch of videos queued up on Google’s YouTube channel that I assume will be viewable once the event begins at 10:30 a.m. Pacific. You can view the livestream of the event there too, and Google’s blog post on the event is now up.

And we’re underway, first with Sundar Pichai, Google’s vice president of product management. What’s coming: an update on Chrome (the browser), Chrome Web store, and of course Chrome OS. We’ve been working to make a lot of progress with the open source community.

Google VP Sundar Pichai at Chrome OS launch

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