Google’s Android Kills Apple’s iOS On Facebook Mobile Ad Performance

From my blog The New Persuaders:

More evidence is piling up that Facebook’s mobile advertising–the lack of which was probably a factor in Facebook’s underwhelming IPO–could turn out to be a pretty good business after all. Major brands, in fact, are finding that people tend to click on mobile ads, and buy products as a result, much more often than they do on the rest of Facebook’s ads–and the best may be yet to come.

But what hasn’t come to light is how much differently consumers respond to ads depending on what type of smartphone they use–and the results are surprising. On average, people using Google’s Android devices click on ads up 10% to 55% more than they do on Apple’s iPhones, according to data from Optimal, an ad management firm that uses massive amounts of audience data to help marketers run ads on Facebook and other social media services.

What’s more, conversion rates on those clicks–the rate at which people then proceed to become a fan by “liking” a brand or brand page post–are 28% to 109% higher for Android users. The data comes from four advertisers that spent up to thousands of dollars on their campaigns. …

Read the complete post on The New Persuaders.

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